Cruise For Free!

Cruise for Free as a Group leader:

Did you know that you could cruise for free? How? Organize a group cruise.

Nothing beats a cruise vacation, unless, of course, it's FREE. This probably sounds too good to be true, but it's not.

Just reserve eight or more cabins on one sailing and you've got a group! Who qualifies for a group? Anyone and everyone! The possibilities are endless. Whether you're coordinating a family or school reunion, or planning a professional seminar for an organization, Seabella cruises can offer your group fantastic rates and a great variety of amenities to make your event unique and memorable.

The More You Bring, The More You Earn

Here's how it works... If you have enough people who are interested in taking a cruise together, then you can earn a free cruise. The cruise line will award a free berth for every 8 cabins your group books.. There's typically no cap on the number of free beds you can earn, so as long as you keep booking cabins, your group can keep earning free beds.

Here's an example of the number of free beds you could earn if your group booked a 7 Night Caribbean Cruise:

Cruise Lines only award the value of the cruise itself. Port charges, taxes, government fees and fuel charges are not free and must be paid by the group. Each cruise line has its own group leader policy and they may vary depending upon the cruise line.

Free Cruise Berths = 1 Free Passenger

What you do choose to do with these free beds is up to you. Here are a few ways our past group leaders have taken advantage of earned berths:

Group Leader Sails Free
If you take the time organize the group, promote the group, coordinate with group members and make all the arrangements, it is not uncommon for the group leader to keep the free beds for themselves and cruise for free and even earn extra spending money if enough cabins travel..

Deeper Price Discounts
Some Group Leaders choose to take the value of the free berths and divide it among the other cabins on the group to provide an additional discount. Since the number of free berths depends on the number of cabins that actually sail, the additional discounts are applied as shipboard credits.

Onboard Group Escort
Some groups like the thought of hiring an on-board group escort to help coordinate on-board and on-shore activities. Although you may have to pay the escort a fee, the cabin berth is free.

Special Guest Invitation
Some groups use their free berths to invite a guest lecturer or celebrity who may add value to your group cruise experience. This could be a local pastor, radio personality or specialists in your group's field of interest whose participation may encourage others to join your group.

Gifts or Shore Excursions
Some groups take the value of their free berths and apply them towards the purchase of shore excursions like city tours, snorkeling adventures or a helicopter ride. Other groups may elect to provide in-cabin gifts like fruit baskets, wine, bathrobes, t-shirts or caps. The possibilities are endless.

Getting Started

So to earn your Free Cruise you need to start speaking to everyone you know about their interest in taking a group cruise vacation. Group cruises are great for:

Once you have enough people interested and excited, contact us and we'll help you find the best ship and destination for your group.

For assistance in planning your group or if you have any question, please feel free to call us: 1 (914) 468-6428

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