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Holland America Line

Cruise Style: Premium

Holland America Line has enjoyed a distinguished record of traditional cruises, world cruises, and transatlantic crossings for over one hundred and twenty-five years. Noted for its focus on passenger comfort, Holland America is a leader in world voyages.

Special Features 

Highlights of sailing with Holland America are unsurpassed service by Indonesian staffs, guest lecture and enrichment series, and Gentleman Host programs for ladies traveling alone. More recent innovations are sports and fitness oriented activities and an emphasis on family cruising.

Other delicious traditions are afternoon tea, a Dutch Chocolate Extravaganza, and their signature Holland America bread pudding.

Recommended For

Those who enjoy cruise traditions and want a quality experience in a refined environment but like the facilities and range of choices available on new super liners. Small ship devotees open to trying a large ship. Former budget cruisers ready to move up to higher quality.


There are very few spots on the globe untouched by Holland America Line vessels. As a pioneer in developing Alaska cruises and operating pre- and post-cruise land tours, Holland America Line offers some of the most outstanding combination land and sea packages in the Alaska market.

Your Shipmates

Holland America Line attracts families and discerning couples from their late-30's on up. Comfortable retirees are drawn to longer voyages and world cruises.

Holland America has been undergoing an image makover for the past few years. Traditionally recognized as a great cruise line for the older crowd, Holland America Line (or HAL for short) has been adding sleek new ships sailing to itineraries that appeal to a broader audience. HAL should be considered at the high end of the Mass Market cruise lines with its elegant ships, high marks for service and quality food service. Still, if you are a senior citizen, HAL does an exceptional job of facilitating your special needs with little extras like fold-down seats in elevators and wheelchair accessible staterooms. Holland America has a great reputation in Alaska with a variety of cruises and cruise tours.

Junior Cruisers

Club HAL is Holland America Line's professionally staffed youth and teen program for children and teenagers aged 5-17. The program is operated on an open door policy, meaning that participants may come and go as they please. All organized activities are supervised; however, Club HAL's staff members are not responsible for children or teens who chooses to leave the activity. Children under the age of five may participate in the program, provided an adult accompanies them. Families find the self-service laundry facilities a convenience on the newer ships.

Cruise Itineraries

Transatlantic; Alaska; Panama Canal; Mexico; Caribbean; New England/Canada; South America; Europe; the Orient; Australia; South Pacific.