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Cruise Style: Luxury

Windstar Cruise Line Overview

Windstar blended the majesty of a 19th Century sailing ship with the luxury of an ultramodern yacht to create four magnificent vessels that sail to uncommon, small-ship destinations including Costa Rica, Belize, Southeast Asia, Panama Canal, Virgin Islands, Greek and Turkish Isles, French and Italian Rivieras, Italy's Amalfi coast, and the Windward Islands from Barbados. Time moves slower aboard a Windstar ship; you can do as you please. Climb citadels, paddle sea kayaks, make the only footprints on a shell-strewn beach; or do nothing more than enjoy a massage every day. Take a vacation that is 180 degrees from ordinary.

Recommended For

Active, affluent, A-type, individualists, 25-65 years old, who really mean it when they say they want to chill out; those who wouldn't be caught dead on a mainstream vacation; divers and others who enjoy water sports in moderation; experienced cruisers looking for something different; those attracted by the romance of sailing ships but want upscale cruise ship luxury; self-starters, those with an active lifestyle and a taste for the finer things in life who can relax long enough to enjoy them.


Your Shipmates

These aren't ships for children, although occasionally a teen will sneak aboard. What you will find are a great many affluent baby boomers and as well as affluent retired folks. Windstar would prefer that no one use the word "yuppie," so we haven't. You will find well-moneyed baby boomers who like to keep a low profile by dressing in Teva shoes and safari hats - whatever you call those people.

Junior Cruisers

Windstar is not for children; there are no supervisors or special activities. That said, water-sport-loving teens will have major fun in the Caribbean or Central America.

Cruise Itineraries

Caribbean; Panama Canal; Mexico; Alaska; New England/Canada; Bermuda; The Orient; Australia; New Zealand; Tahiti; South America; Europe; British Isles; Scandinavia; Baltic Republics; Indian Ocean; Red Sea; Arabia; Africa; The Middle East; Transatlantic.

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